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Who’s The Englishman Who Ate Everything?

I’m a foodie, Englishman abroad and seasoned traveller. I’ve lived in England, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, worked in lots of European cities and visited many other countries. I love art, architecture, detail, food, humour, language, people, photography, science, travel, unusual places, whisky and wine – but fortunately not always in that order.

What’s where.tips?

I created where.tips to share my thoughts and recommendations about some of the extraordinary places that I’ve enjoyed visiting over the years. There are so many wonderful things that simply don’t make it into the guidebooks or don’t fit the formula of travel sites like TripAdvisor. I’m sure you know that feeling when you discover something and you just want to tell the world about it – but how?

This blog describes some of the unforgettable places I’ve either discovered by accident or that locals have recommended to me. I’ve got tips on unusual (and sometimes weird) things to eat, tips on wine and whisky, tips on restaurants that you just have to experience, tips on where to go and what to do; where find small but amazing museums (most of them free), interesting monuments, walking tours … and much more. Have a browse using the tip categories or keywords shown on this page.

Many of the tips have a story behind them to make them even more interesting; stories that you’ll hopefully love too, stories that you might want to add to your own experience and want to share with your own friends.

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If my blog helps you to discover somewhere new or just whets your appetite, then I’d love to hear your thoughts – just leave me a comment.

Happy discovering!

The Englishman Who Ate Everything

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